Filtration and Separation Technology

Thirty years of experience in liquid filtration, continuous improvement, high vertical integration due to diverse manufacturing groups in house and stringent quality standards made us an international market leader in many industrial sectors.

Our expertise

  • Own engineering and design department
  • In-house manufacturing department with up-to-date machining centers
  • In-house automation department
  • Piping and apparatus manufacturing in all materials of construction
  • Piloting and customer specific analyses
  • Orientation trial and analyses in our own laboratory turnkey systems

Our applications

Pulp and paper industry

Cost efficient filtration of large mass flows with low particle concentration. Preparation of process water and treatment of wastewater.

Man-made fiber and film

Long-time market leadership in filtration of high viscose spinning and film casting solutions with automatic backwash filters.

Electronics and photovoltaic

Automatic and manual filter systems for microfiltration of cooling water for wafer manufacturing.

Steel industry

Economical automatic systems for filtration of cooling water circuits with high cinder volumes.

Galvanic/Surface treatment

Automatic filter systems for efficient maintenance of galvanic baths as well as cleaning and degreasing baths.

Water preparation

Economic systems for automatic microfiltration of river water, seawater and wastewater.

Electric power plants

Micro-filtering backwash filters replace large and costly sand filters for the preparation of boiler feed water and cooling tower makeup water.

Chemicals/paints and varnishes

Filtration of chemicals, paints and varnishes prior to filling.

Our systems are filtering following fluids

Spinning solutions

Viscose, acrylic, polyimide, cellulose acetate, spandex, aramide, PVA

High-viscose fluids

Resins, varnishes, foodstuff, glues, petrochemical products


Acids, lyes, solvents


Industrial process water, river water, seawater, drinking water,

DI water, circulation water, wastewater

Drinks and foodstuffs

Juices, wine, beer


Mineral oil, synthetic oil, hydraulic oil, lube oil, gear oil

Filtration and Separation Technology

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