Environmental Technologies

Consultation, engineering and project services for environmental projects in pulp and related industries.

Range of services

  • Recovery management (MgO, SO2 etc.)
  • Industrial environmental improvements
  • Water treatment 
  • Solid waste management and solid waste minimization plans
  • System closure 
  • Environmental audits
  • Energy control
  • Emission control
Lenzing Technik - Environmental Technologies
Lenzing Technik - Environmental Technologies
Lenzing Technik - Environmental Technologies

In detail

Increasingly stringent environmental regulations demand further reductions in the amounts of waste substances and emission loads.

Modern pulp production is characterized by the fact that the emission of environmentally pollutant wastewater and flue gases has been generally limited. This is primarily due to the closing of the chemical cycle and internal process optimization measures instead of end-of-pipe technologies.

A pulp factory with a 100% closed loop (i.e. no wastewater) will probably never exist since this would not make much sense from an overall ecological viewpoint. Today, however, a wide range of internal loop technologies exist, allowing for optimum production conditions as well as more savings than external wastewater purification systems.

We offer a complete solution to these problems, using evaporation plants, liquor recovery boilers, chemical recovery plants with cooking acid preparation, the treatment of odorous gases and furthermore the production of by-products as acetic acid, furfural, etc.

We also specialize in the development, implementation, modification and optimization at the end of the pipe technologies, especially in water and flue gas treatment.

Environmental Technologies

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